Tyres & Wheel Alignment


Tyres are an integral part of your Vehicle and worn tyres can effect fuel economy and more importantly safety. We can offer an extensive range of quality tyres for all vehicles which include run flats, snow tyres and commercial tyres.

Our tyre prices are competitive and always include a replacement valve and balance.

We can repair and seal corroded alloy wheels which is a common problem when replacing tyre. Unfortunately it is not possible to know if your alloy wheel is corroded until the original tyre has been removed. Our team will always inform you if any of your alloy wheels suffer from corrosion prior to the repair taking place.

We are also happy to fit tyres that have not been purchased through MH Autos. This will include a replacement valve and balance.

Wheel Alignment AND Tracking

Wheel alignment is the position of all 4 wheel relative to each other based on the manufactures specification. If your alignment is not correct it can cause premature tyre wear, vehicle stability issues and a reduction in fuel economy.

We have a fully computerised wheel alignment system in house to check and correct your vehicles wheel alignment. Our technicians are all fully trained and are happy to offer advice when requested.